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The 69th Orion Fleet is an irregular unit in the Klingon Defence Force. By order of the Klingon High Council the Orion Government formed the Fleet to aid the KDF in its various conflicts. The 69th however isn't your average Klingon Fleet. It's a collection of Orion Pirates, Nausicaan Raiders, Gorn Nationals, Klingon Privateers, Lethian Traders, and many others. The fleet however favors Orion ships, tactics, and equipment when possible.

**OOC Fleet Statement**
Our fleet is a RP fleet (Role Playing), however we will be doing PvE Fleet Operations and PvE if members want to. Our goal is to create a fun place to enjoy Star Trek Online. We only accept 18+ players, less because of the content of our RP and just based on the maturity of our members and the desire to have adult conversations (again not ERP but rather a maturity thing). Many of us have families in the real world and as such we don't pressure anyone to join in events, we do however remind our members that with most fleets, mainly RP ones, you often get from the fleet what you put in.
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Klingon Intelligence File 24987.5

Yavin_Prime, Oct 23, 12 10:34 PM.
***KI - Klingon Intelligence***

Encryption: 74a [Active]
Data Port: Beta-9 [Open]
Carrier Wave/Satellite Route: Kor

Fleet Admiral Veklihr,

I have a bit of information you and your fleet will be interested in, feel free to forward this message to any of your officers.

--| Starfleet Security Transmission |--

Commodore Wickman,

It is with regret that I inform you of a breach in Federation Security. I'm sure you're aware that Andoria has had a few issues in the last few years since the war with the Klingons broke out. A small political party known as the Imperialist-Party has gained popularity and power on Andoria. Their goal is simple: To break with the Federation and re-establish the Andorian Empire.

I'm sure you can immediately see how this could be devastating to the Federation. Having a rogue state deep within our borders could easily destabilize core regions of our government. If one nation breaks from the Federation then others could as well. Many people are afraid and xenophobia is on the rise as it was during the Dominion War.

Obviously an anti-Federation party is clearly an internal affair to the Andorians and the Andorian Security Force. The ASF however has asked Starfleet to investigate a group of merchant ships which have been seen going back and forth to the Orion System. Now many Orion's still in the Orion system have renounced the Syndicate since the Orion's left enmasse for the Klingon Empire and their new homeworld. However Syndicate ties are still strong on Orion. What makes these ships stand out is that they're owned by a company which is also owned by two of the leading members of the Imperialist-Party Shar Shoran and Tholin Velkar. Your mission is to monitor these ships and keep track of their activities. Chose your best Captain for this, good luck Commodore.

Rear Admiral James Ashland

--| End Transmission |--

What Starfleet doesn't know is that those ships are shipping weapons to Andoria. We've been communicating with the Imperialist-Party's underground organization, the Blue Bloods. We're not sure what they're planning but I think we can be safe to assume some form of military take over. If they are victorious in such an endeavor the Federation and Starfleet would have to back down or risk breaking their prime directive. It's my assumption that they'll act soon, the Blue Bloods are bound to be caught.

Klingon Intelligence is backing out of this operation, it's to risky and the High Council has other more pressing matters to deal with like Tholian incursions and the Borg attacks as of late. The 69th Fleet however has the rare position to move on this information if you wanted to. With it's ties to the Orion Syndicate and your member, Andoria you have the opportunity to influence the situation on Andoria, or at the very least to cause a lot of chaos on Andoria and in the Federation.

Do as you will Fleet General, I'll keep you up to date on the situation until such a time as we pull out our listening probes.

KI Agent, Gorgag



Founding of the 69th Orion Fleet

Yavin_Prime, Oct 23, 12 4:39 AM.
***KDF - High Command***

Encryption: 13c [Active]
Port: Zeta-5 [Open]

As of two hours ago, the Orion Government has issued orders to form their 69th Fleet. This fleet is to join with the Klingon Defence Force under the command of Fleet General Vadesca Veklihr. Current orders are as follows: Construct a station in the Devna System and begin fleet operations in the area. Once established the fleet will be given further orders.

As with all Orion fleets, captains and their crews are free to raid our enemies at their discretion. These foes are as follows: The Romulan Star Empire Remnent, The Cardassian True Way, The Federation, The Breen, and the Borg.

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